Oct 10

GCP President and CEO Joe Roman made his regular appearance on WTAM with host Bill Wills last week to talk about some of the current projects and partnerships going on around Greater Cleveland. To start, the conversation focused on levies and GCP’s recent passing of a resolution at the board level that indicates levies need to be looked at in a different way. Roman explained that GCP has supported a lot of increased levy needs in the past and that each one independently has merit, but when you add them up it’s obvious that people are spending too much. A recent study revealed that tax payers in our area are paying more than other areas, and that our rates are climbing faster. “We can’t keep increasing every single tax level in this town and expect to remain competitive,” Joe explained.

GCP is also putting together its list of priority projects for Cuyahoga County. Roman said the idea is to be more innovative and drive the economy, but to look at doing that in a more inclusive manner. In this key time for our region, those projects that help leverage other dollars are the ones that should be pursued.

Other topics discussed included Cuyahoga Community College being selected to lead Workforce Connect’s healthcare sector to ensure that our healthcare system is still leading the way around the world, and the hope that GCP and the city can use the Paradox Prize to perfect our public transit system.

Listen to the interview.