Sep 6

President and CEO Joe Roman sat down with WTAM’s Bill Wills recently for his regular appearance on the show to update the audience on projects and events going on around the city.

The National Business Roundtable—comprised of about 200 CEOs from the most well-known companies in the country—recently published a new statement of purpose for corporations. Roman explained how in the past, companies needed to be focused on shareholders. In this new statement, the Business Roundtable recognizes the importance stakeholders have on the whole picture of running a business. This change in thinking will help companies come together to improve their communities.

Wills asked Roman why we have two separate levels of government—city and county—when they overlap in so many ways, including separate airports, convention centers and more. Roman explained that—especially in light of the tax competitive study that says we’re on the high side—it’s time to address these two separate levels of government. He explained how GCP is visiting other cities to determine best practices, what works and what doesn’t, and to start forming ideas on how to move Cleveland and Cuyahoga County forward in a more consolidated way.

Cleveland has had a great couple of years in terms of tourism numbers. Roman explained how we are making smart investments in the hospitality industry, recognizing Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and Progressive Field as two great examples. There is a lot of opportunity on the lakefront and in other areas of the city for additional smart investments.

Finally, Roman addressed how Cleveland Hopkins Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport need to continue to look at a new master plan in running the airports as a system instead of independent airports. Traffic is growing and it’s time to take a step back and look at it in more of a comprehensive way to see how to best run the city’s airports.

To hear more about their discussion on these and other topics, listen to the full interview.