Sep 26

CLEVELAND (September 25, 2020) – Today the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) released a statement urging state leaders to repeal and potentially replace House Bill 6 (HB 6) to benefit consumers and employers of all sizes and industries. The perspective of the northeast Ohio business community was approved by the GCP Board of Directors and serves as a strong continuation of members’ long-standing energy policy principles. 

“We recommend a repeal and replace stance on HB 6 to remove the alleged stain of corruption on the law and to enable the restoration of the energy efficiency programs supported by our members,” said Joe Roman, President and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. “Our membership continues to encourage policies that provide incentives for businesses to leverage energy programming to foster growth. We recognize a level of flexibility may be needed to meet those goals, reverse HB 6, and balance Ohio’s energy environment. Extending the use and access to nuclear power may be appropriate, but policy must harness additional solutions that exist and look toward emerging sources.” 

In 2019, HB 6 was signed into law. In part, it aims to raise approximately $150 million a year in subsidies for two Ohio nuclear plants and two coal plants. GCP did not support HB 6, but emphasized the importance of reliable, competitive, and diverse energy sources. The organization remains committed to the development and administration of programming that provides access to and secures resources for employers to help offset utility costs.