Subcommittee Role, Vision and Structure

The Construction Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) Community Engagement Subcommittee is responsible for outreach to the wider Northeast Ohio community, including informing and educating community organizations on negotiating Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) and the committee-recommended diversity and inclusion elements of the CBA.

Subcommittee membership may include representatives of groups representing community interests and otherwise not a member of the committee.

The Community Engagement subcommittee, co-chaired by Jenice Contreras of the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Jacqueline Gillion of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Thriving Communities, has been facilitating an active group of stakeholders to develop a “communication pipeline” for this phase of the Construction Diversity and Inclusion effort. 

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Convene, Connect, Communicate

There are many aspects to the construction process from early design, to physical construction, to finishing trades, to serving the first customer and some of these aspects are visible to the community while others may not.

This subcommittee serves as a conduit to our community in connecting and communicating the work being done as part of the CDI initiative to our community-at-large. Equally important, it has the responsibility to ensure that the overall CDI effort is both transparent and accountable.

Committee members have been working on a “Construction Career Pipeline” that gives an overview of the industry as well as potential entry points for interested participants. Once this model is developed, our committee members – many of whom are leaders in their respective community-based organizations – will share, communicate, and distribute this information broadly to the community.