The Construction Diversity and Inclusion Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy Group convenes minority/majority contractors, developers, assistance groups, bonding agents, owners, and financial institutions as needed to increase the utilization of MBE firms on major projects.

The strategy group may examine existing programs to recommend enhancements and/or suggest new programs.

Our Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy Group, co-chaired by Ariane Kirkpatrick of The AKA Team, and Mark Cunningham of Gilbane Construction, has been facilitating an active group of stakeholders to develop business pipelines for this phase of Construction Diversity and Inclusion effort.

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Supporting the success of female- minority-owned construction firms, both short- and long-term, is a key area of focus for the Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy Group by fleshing out the characteristics, requirements, registrations, and certifications that are required at different levels of entry into the construction industry.

The Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy Group also works to create access points that will be an important guideline for female- minority-owned businesses to both connect and move through the appropriate channels to secure contracts and wealth building opportunities in the construction industry.






To get involved, contact our Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Strategy Group team:


Ariane Kirkpatrick
President & CEO
AKA Construction
Mark Cunningham
Ohio Director Economic Inclusion and Community Affairs

Gilbane Building Co. 

Christopher Nance
Vice President
Construction & Inclusive Talent Initiatives

Greater Cleveland Partnership