Subcommittee Role, Vision and Structure

The Owners Outreach Subcommittee convenes owners/developers to utilize diversity and inclusion strategies including CBA agreements.

This subcommittee assists the committee co-chairs and GCP Equity & Inclusion staff to recruit private owners to explain the CBA preferred requirements, develop goals, and share best practices. The subcommittee will also develop awards and acknowledgement systems, as well as reporting and monitoring systems.

Our Owners Outreach Subcommittee is co-chaired by William Peacock of Cleveland Clinic and Walter Jones of The MetroHealth System.

Working with the Data Reporting Subcommittee, co-chaired by Glen Shumate of the Construction Employers Association, and Sarah Robinson of Emerald Cities Collaborative, they have convened an active group of stakeholders to develop the implementation tools and strategies for these key aspects of the Construction Diversity and Inclusion effort.

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Convene And Collect

The conversation relative to community benefit agreements and diversity and inclusion goals has extended into a number of active building projects. Project owners and their representatives convene on a quarterly basis to discuss best practices, communication strategies as well as data reporting.

Project owners also have agreed to quarterly reporting on metrics that were developed and agreed upon with the Data & Reporting subcommittee, which is now a part of the Owners Outreach Subcommittee.