Subcommittee Role, Vision and Structure

The Construction Diversity and Inclusion Pre-Apprenticeship Training Subcommittee convenes stakeholders to ensure there is a pipeline of qualified workers for various job opportunities identified via the Demand Study for Construction Employees.

More specifically, this subcommittee will connect high-demand jobs in the construction sector with training programs designed to meet those demands. The subcommittee also recommends and promotes inclusive practices for female, minority and local residents.

Our Pre-Apprenticeship and Training subcommittee, co-chaired by Ingrid Angel of El Barrio and The Centers for Families and Children, and Cordell Stokes of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, has convened an active group of stakeholders to develop multiple training pipelines for this phase of the Construction Diversity and Inclusion effort.

Click here for the Pre-Apprenticeship and Training Subcommittee roster. 


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