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RITE, a resource of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, is the leading industry-driven IT workforce alliance in Northeast Ohio.  

As the unifying force for the region's talent development system, RITE brings together industry, education, and economic and workforce development to build highly skilled IT talent needed by Northeast Ohio employers. Since its inception, RITE has championed a regional vision of a diverse, industry-responsive IT talent pool that is an economic driver to growth, competitiveness, and prosperity for Northeast Ohio.

In working to attract, prepare and place IT talent, RITE:

  • Mobilizes IT employers to influence the development of a diverse, industry-responsive IT workforce.
  • Ignites interest and builds the skills, knowledge, experiences and connections students and job-seekers need to pursue IT careers in Northeast Ohio.
  • Optimizes the region’s efforts through collaboration, performance measurement and centralized access.

Local employers and their projected needs drive RITE programs, projects and priorities. As part of its work, RITE showcases local employers to emerging IT talent to help retain high-quality talent in the region. 

Established in 2009, RITE has engaged over 100 public and private companies of all sizes across all industries, eight institutions of higher education, and more than 149 high schools – impacting nearly 4,000 students across the region. 

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